Long Island Advertising Agencies

Want to grow your business? Then why not choose from the best Long Island Advertising Agencies?

Long Island Advertising Agencies is the only agency directory that select featured agencies based on actual customer testimonials and ratings. Ratings categories include: customer growth, customer retention, return on investment, and customer service/responsiveness.

Below are our highest rated agencies for the Long Island, NY market.
These agencies specialize in a wide range of media and strategic services as well as creative and content development. As part of our stringent criteria they are top-rated digital agencies that provide website and app development, search engine marketing, social media marketing, display marketing, email marketing, public relations and related services.

Skyrush Marketing Website

Skyrush Marketing is a team of creative staff, programmers, marketers, content developers and account staff specializing in website development and marketing.

Unlike many other agencies we understand that increasing sales is the number one priority for you and your business.

Skyrush Marketing Portfolio
Cameron Advertising Website

Cameron is an award-winning AAAA marketing and communications agency with offices in Long Island, NY and Vero Beach, FL.

Cameron combines full-service traditional marketing with cutting-edge ROI-driven digital strategies. In addition to being recognized as one of the leading retail automotive agencies in the nation, other specialties include B-to-B, B-to-C, healthcare, financial, technology and animation.

Cameron Advertising Portfolio
Intrigue Website

As your full-service digital and traditional marketing partner, our mission is singular and clear: to know your business, understand your customers, service you impeccably in every way, and, most importantly, develop lead generation and business-building tools that engage and impact your prospects, and improve your bottom line.

Intrigue Portfolio
Scott Cooper Associates Website

As a full-service B2B and B2C unified marketing firm, there's a lot we do. But it all comes down to one simple purpose: helping your business build more business.

We've been helping clients turn prospects into loyal customers long before content marketing and demand generation became topics du jour. We pride ourselves on our keen ability to create and strategically distribute valuable content.

Scott Cooper Associates Portfolio
DCW Media Buying Long Island, New York

DCW specializes in buying, planning, negotiating and optimizing all paid media types, including TV, Radio, Out-of-Home and Print, as well as all forms of Digital Marketing. Ultimately, we are media agnostic, using the right media to get the right results on our client’s behalf. Lead by an Executive Staff that provides a strong foundation of expert knowledge, guidance and a wide network of industry partners; DCW stays close and grows together with and for its clients.

DCW Media Buying NYC